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Interview with Diego Brown Project →

Featuring our video for Can’t Be Life

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Artist: arash afshar
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Facing the Demons of Camera Shame - DIY Photography →
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Screen caps from my recent interviews with Super8 & Tab and Jaytech for SoCal EDM and My Zoo Radio Network. All incredibly kind, down-to-earth guys. I could geek out with Jaytech for hours; he was so pumped after his show and is loving every minute of his life. 

Watch the Jaytech interview here

Watch the Super8 & Tab interview here

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Do websites need to be experienced exactly the same in every browser? →
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For a while there I was in the dumps about photography. These days, any 12 year old with an Instagram account is taking some pretty amazing shots. The art of photography does not carry the weight and prestige it once did. 

Then one day, as I sat staring at the wall of a coffee shop, it hit me: The most powerful photographs in history have not been the ones that were so painstakingly setup by art directors or perfectly framed by photographers. Those crafts help cultivate the atmosphere needed for a powerful image but as with all things art, two plus two may not equal four. 

The most powerful photographs are the ones that capture a feeling or energy that the photographer sees through the physical reality in front of his/her eyes. Right about now you’re probably thinking “ah crap, he just got into some hippie-ass bullshit.” Well… Yes, you would be correct. 

A photographer aims to be the ultimate craftsman. He or she understands lighting, angels, rules of thirds and so on. It is then, when he or she is an expert at the craft of photo-taking (where shooting clean, attractive imagery is now muscle memory), that the photographer is able to see past the reality before him or her. The most powerful photographs in history have been the ones where the photographer is able to see (Obligatory Matrix reference in three… Two… One…) “the ones and zeros” rather than the subject and lighting. 

Do some Googling. The most famous images of all time have been the in-between snaps; where a photo shoot has been coordinated but the photographer snaps a photo in between different staging setups. 

I’ve given up obsessing over technical aspects of photography. I suck at that stuff anyway. I’m skipping past the craft. I’m aiming at seeing the ones and zeros… 

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Your Logical Fallacy Is →
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I’ve been a fucking Jedi at self-hate.

Serotonin and dopamine regulate mood, energy and drive. Here are some ways I can tell my levels are where I want them to be…

The world looks like a collage of beautiful photographs waiting to be exposed and framed. The alley way I walk through on autopilot suddenly looks like the opening scene to a movie.

When the beat drops I lose it like its EDC at Sunrise. Then I remember I’m at the gym and people are kinda looking at me funny. Then I realize I don’t give a shit and continue lip singing and I realize the people looking at me are smiling.

When something mildly shitty happens, I immediately think of how blessed I am to have friends and family who love me and that will help me get through whatever this insignificant thing is.

Music sounds better.

Food tastes better but I want to eat less of it; my stomach feels kinda full with excitement.

The world feels filled with love. I feel a part of the universe. I feel surrounded by people who care about me, even the strangers.

Religious people don’t piss me off. I fixate on the sameness of our journey and not the differences.

A quick hello and laugh with a stranger feels as if we’ve have had this inside joke between us for years.

I feel attractive. I feel women being attracted to me when I walk into a room. I notice them noticing me.

I often say weird shit and people look at me weird because I’m a weird dude. But when I’m feeling like this, I say weird shit unapologetically and people love it.

Love feels abundant. The world is a beautiful place and my future is bright.

When someone cuts me off in traffic, my first thought isn’t “what an asshole,” but “he must’ve not seen me” or “that pour soul must not be having a good day.”

I drink less when I go out; I’m not chasing a high. At last call I feel content with a great night and time spent with friends, new and old, so I go home and sleep with a smile.

My art is better.

I am patient and focused.

I forgive my loved ones’ flaws more easily.

I work better; the stuff I care about as well as the busy work I just have to do to keep my rent paid.

That tingly feeling of excitement dances in my belly for hours on end.

I’m in the moment. What matters is right now, not 5 minutes from now.

I feel worthy. I feel powerful. I feel deserving. I feel thin and attractive. My love-handles are not a big deal. My bad knees and the collapsed arches in my feet are not holding me back.

My life has purpose. I am here for a reason. I inspire others to feel the same.

"That fucking bitch said- Never mind. I’m over it. I actually feel bad for her."

When shit happens, I get over it faster and it doesn’t bleed into the next speed bump.

When I’m depressed and my serotonin and dopamine levels drop, I feel the opposite of all this.

Most people who suffer from depression don’t even know it because they’ve been feeling it for so long that they think it’s just normal. They think when people describe abundant and lasting joy that they must be on drugs.

But I feel like this about 90% of the time these days.

If you’re still reading this, it must’ve hit a nerve. If you’re in a dark place, I’m here for you. You are not a burden. Helping you helps me. Personal growth and battling depression/anxiety takes daily practice and sharing my tools with you reminds me to use them. Life is not something you do on autopilot; it takes active participation.

PM me or text me if you want to talk. An expert is simply one who has made every given mistake in a narrow field. And I’ve been a fucking Jedi at self hate.

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Harbor Police officer on the roof of the San Diego International Airport

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Go Deeper. A documentary (shot and edited by myself) about what goes into putting on a Halloween night Deep House event.

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#triLogiE is a short film that can best be described as a Hip-hip musical. The video revolves around three songs/music videos. Directed and shot by myself starring killCRey, my creative partner in Diego Brown Project.

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Ran into this shot on an old hard drive: The day my nephew, Adrian, was born.

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A shot from the DJ booth with Super8 & Tab

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Teaser for Diego Brown Project’s upcoming short music film, directed by me.